On the history of Illuminated Manuscripts and their Facsimiles

Detail of the Triumphs of Charles V

Magnificent Feats

Which illuminator gave life to Charles V's military achievements through painting? An Alumina article sheds new light on a collection of 16th-century parchment leaves kept in the British Library.

Detail of Ramon Llull's Breviculum

“Modern Men Like Brevity Above All Things”

Around 1260, the Catalan mystic Ramon Llull set out to convert Muslims to Christianity with mathematical diagrams – he ended up with a logical method that influenced philosophers for generations.

Detail of the Papyrus Ani facsimile

From the Nile Banks to Laser Machines: Making a Papyrus Facsimile

How challenging is it to produce a papyrus facsimile? In this interview, CM Editores tell us all about how they managed to replicate a two-millennia-old treasure that merges ancient Egyptian figurative art and afterlife beliefs: the Papyrus Ani.

Detail of the Berry Apocalypse

New Facsimile Unveiled: The Berry Apocalypse

This year at the Frankfurt Book Fair our friends from Müller & Schindler surprised us with a new, unprecedented manuscript of the Apocalypse made during a troubled time for Europeans: the beginning of the 15th century.

Colorproofing the Psalter of Blanche of Castile

Kneeling Before a Holy Relic – The Royal Psalter of Sainte Chapelle

This is the story of how I got to lay my hands on the original leaves of the Psalter of Blanche of Castile. I knew that the manuscript Müller & Schindler is planning to publish in facsimile is a piece of world history, but I wasn’t expecting such a holy experience.

2019 Frankfurt Book Fair

My Weekend at the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair

Twelve sketchbooks by Leonardo da Vinci, an augmented reality app, a fairy tale book illustrated by Picasso, and an apocryphal Don Quixote: this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair has so many amazing facsimiles to offer that I can’t choose my favorite!

A Renaissance Exhibition in Book-Form

Ever dreamed of hosting a Renaissance exhibition in your living-room? With the new facsimile by Quaternio Verlag, unveiled at the Frankfurt Book Fair, you can!

Detail of the Bamberg Apocalypse

A Peek Into Ottonian Splendor: The Bamberg Apocalypse

Between the 10th and 11th centuries, Germany became the center of European book illumination due to the brightly colored surfaces, sumptuous gold, and spiritual intensity of its manuscripts. Scroll down to see the video!

Detail of the Menazilname

On the Footsteps of an Ottoman Sultan

Are you ready to travel five centuries back in time? Pack your walking shoes, open our interactive map, and let's follow the Ottoman troops in 16th-century Baghdad, Tabriz, and Aleppo. Scroll down to see the video!

Detail of the Muhibbi Divani

Poems in Bloom: Unraveling a Sultan’s Quest for Love

Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent was not just a powerful statesman, but also a sensitive and emotional poet: in the Muhibbî Dîvânı manuscript, his verses are encased within an intricate artwork made of 370 different flower and plant patterns. Scroll down to see the video!

Detail of the Menazilname

Istanbul Through the Eyes of an Ottoman Miniaturist

If you ever wondered what Constantinople looked like in the 16th century, check out this Ottoman-era manuscript, as kaleidoscopic as the city itself. You can even compare past and present with our interactive map!

Detail of the Leggendario Sforza-Savoia

Fashion Stylists in Miniature

If you think you have already seen the strangest outfits in the world, check out these medieval clothes and accessories, some of which were considered "inventions of the devil" by the Church.

Detail of the Breviary of Martin of Aragon

The Jewel in the Crown

King Martin I of Aragon (1356-1410) was so fond of art he supported the creation of paintings and manuscripts even in periods of financial distress. This Alumina article tells us more about his breviary, an exquisite example of international Gothic style.