On the Art of Hunting with Birds: a treatise by the Holy Roman Emperor himself, Frederick II

Hunting, particularly falconry, was a distinguished practice of the courtly elite globally across the Middle Ages. In addition to indicating noble status, hunting was also the subject of study and scientific inquiry.

On the history of Illuminated Manuscripts and their Facsimiles

The Fra Mauro Map Facsimile and the Explorers of the Seas

From November 15th to February 26th 2017, the Institut du Monde Arabe will be hosting the "Aventuries Des Mers" exhibition. The collection will take us on a journey throughout the globe, with the aid of some 200 hundred pieces, including the Fra Mauro map facsimile.

La Divina Commedia – The New Manuscript: A Monk in New York

"My daily routine was modeled on the Medieval monks’: I have kept to a rigid schedule, waking before dawn to scribe my manuscript pages. Each page took me about 1.5 hours to complete. I would write, every single day for months, as many lines as I could complete before going to work."

La Divina Commedia by George Cochrane

Dante’s Reimagined Divine Comedy Bursts Forth from the Pen of Artist George Cochrane. Information on Prices and on the Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign.

Pierre Sala’s Little Book of Love

Summer has come and if you are feeling romantic I have just the manuscript for you! It is Pierre Sala's Little Book of Love, a jewel of Renaissance.

The Extravagant Book of Hours of James IV

The Master of James IV of Scotland, a most talented and prominent illuminator from the decades bookending the year 1500, was named after his work in this very Book of Hours. This extravagant manuscript was likely made as a gift for the king of Scotland and Margaret Tudor around the time of their 1503 wedding.

Detail of the Da Costa Hours

Feasting Around the Table in Centuries Past

Did you know that ancient cooking manuals contained humor and parody? Or why Dante called one of his poems "The Banquet"? Take a peek in the kitchens and dining rooms of bygone centuries!

Detail of the Berry Apocalypse

New Facsimile Unveiled: The Berry Apocalypse

Our friends from Müller & Schindler surprise us with a new, unprecedented manuscript of the Apocalypse made during a troubled time for Europeans: the beginning of the 15th century.