The Vyšehrad Codex: a milestone in the history of the Czech Republic

The Vysehrad Codex is a Latin coronation Gospel Book, considered the most critical and valuable manuscript kept in Bohemia. It is a unique testimony of the Romanesque time and the oldest document related to the Czech environment.

On the history of Illuminated Manuscripts and their Facsimiles

Illuminating the future: the Vaticinia Pontificum of London

Enjoy this Alumina article about the Vaticinia Pontificum of London! Made in the 1430s, Vaticinia Pontificum is considered to be the father and iconographic origin of Nostradamus work thanks to its highly prophetic content related to the destiny of the papacy and the Church.

My Pretty “Little” Book of Kells

“She played the fiddle in an Irish band / but she fell in love with … the Book of Kells”: today we fly to Dublin to meet Ireland’s finest national treasure.

The Rebirth of the Vienna Genesis

The Vienna Genesis is one of the most ancient purple manuscripts surviving today, dating back to the early 6th century. In 2019 we will see its rebirth thanks to a one-of-a-kind facsimile edition by Quaternio Verlag Luzern.

Discovering the Art of Micrography

A little (medieval) fiesta never killed nobody: follow us for a trip into the Catalan Mahzor, a unique prayer book from the second quarter of the fourteenth century. Spoiler alert: contains stunning micrographies.

The Library of Federico da Montefeltro

In occasion of Federico da Montefeltro's death anniversary, we though to celebrate this great patron of Renaissance with a short trip to his palace and his library in Urbino.

Papyrus Ani – Book of the Dead

Ever wondered about Egyptian culture of the dead? Well, the Papyrus Ani sheds new light on the religion of Ancient Egypt, find out more!

Ottonian and Charlemagne’s art: the story of Faksimile Verlag – part 14

We will end our journey through the fascinating world of facsimile by discussing Ottonian and Charlemagne's art, with some interesting examples of manuscripts belonging to these artistic fields. These books couldn't but draw the attention of Faksimile Verlag, which again decided to do homage to those treasures from antiquity by putting on the market their beautiful facsimiles.

Pierre Sala’s Little Book of Love

Summer has come and if you are feeling romantic I have just the manuscript for you! It is Pierre Sala's Little Book of Love, a jewel of Renaissance.

Middle Ages through the Manuscripts: Story of Faksimile Verlag – part 12

The variety of themes, influences, but also shapes of books from the Middle Ages is truly astounding. When deciding to embark on a project for a new facsimile edition, the publisher was almost spoilt for choice! Let's explore in detail some of the most striking manuscripts that Faksimile Verlag has chosen to reproduce!

A Comedy in Search of an Author

Fans of Dante's Divine Comedy, we have little treat for you: enjoy this short reading about the Ms. 1002 held in the Biblioteca Angelica.