Learning about Making Manuscripts with a Cistercian Prayer Book

Why does the facsimile of the Herrenalb Prayer Book offer a precious insight into the ancient and fascinating art of crafting medieval codices? Let’s find out with Liz Teviotdale.

On the history of Illuminated Manuscripts and their Facsimiles

What’s New at Frankfurt Book Fair 2022?

A book about monstrous creatures, an herbal with hundreds of illustrations of medicinal plants and animals, two codices by Leonardo da Vinci that got lost for 150 years: the Frankfurt Book Fair granted me the privilege to get a preview of new amazing facsimiles. Read and choose your favorite!

How a Medieval Facsimile of a Roman Map Offered Direction in a Hybrid Classroom

Find out how an American Professor specializing in art history used a facsimile of a medieval map of the Roman Empire to enrich and deepen her students’ learning experience. Teaching in a hybrid environment during the pandemic has been quite a challenge for both teachers and students, but in this case, it turned into a great opportunity.

A Fascinating Glimpse into Roman Life and Dress

The miniatures of the Vatican Terence (ca. 825, Aachen), even if painted centuries after the performances portrayed, provide an insight into both late Roman art and the conventions of ancient drama and society. Let's meet the Masks of the Roman Stage!

A Romanesque Bible for King Sancho el Fuerte

The Pamplona Bible is an extraordinary example of the evolving characteristics of the Christian Bible. Completed around 1200, the Bible comprises three volumes with a large number of colored drawings in the Romanesque style.

The Fra Mauro Map Facsimile and the Explorers of the Seas

From November 15th to February 26th 2017, the Institut du Monde Arabe will be hosting the "Aventuries Des Mers" exhibition. The collection will take us on a journey throughout the globe, with the aid of some 200 hundred pieces, including the Fra Mauro map facsimile.

La Divina Commedia – The New Manuscript: A Monk in New York

"My daily routine was modeled on the Medieval monks’: I have kept to a rigid schedule, waking before dawn to scribe my manuscript pages. Each page took me about 1.5 hours to complete. I would write, every single day for months, as many lines as I could complete before going to work."