Quirky Shaped Manuscript – St. Valentine’s Day

Medieval artists knew how to have fun with manuscripts, so celebrate St. Valentine’s day taking a few minutes to enjoy the Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu.

On the history of Illuminated Manuscripts and their Facsimiles

Lindisfarne Gospels: a 13-century-old Masterpiece

Dear fellow book lovers, just yesterday we have launched our latest video part of the "Take a Break from the Present", this time regarding the Lindisfarne Gospels. If you want to know more about this manuscript, read on!

Treasures of the Past: the Story of Faksimile Verlag – part 9

Illuminated medieval manuscripts are to be considered as real and unique treasures of the past: facsimile editions have made it possible to actually have these magnificent works of art faithfully reproduced and easily accessible, to the great delight of scholars, bibliophiles, and layman but passionate readers.

Bedford Hours – Unanswered Questions

You have probably heard of the Bedford Hours; many questions about this manuscript remain unanswered, so why not take the time to find out what mysteries linger on this beautifully illuminated codex?

Valenciennes Apocalypse

Did you know that the Valenciennes Apocalypse is the oldest illustrated manuscript of the Apocalypse that has come down to us? Check out this Alumina article for more information!

Happy Holidays!

Is that time of the year again, so we'd like to wish you all happy holidays Facsimile Finder style!

Challenges and Magic: Story of Faksimile Verlag – part 7

True, making a quality facsimile is a challenging process, but there is something special and even magic in seeing the sumptuous features of magnificent ancient manuscripts faithfully reproduced in a modern printed book.

Making a Facsimile: Story of Faksimile Verlag – part 6

What are the modern techniques which allow the turning of a unique original illuminated manuscript into a perfect facsimile? How can a faithful to the original copy be achieved, from the use of colors to the application of gold and silver shades?

Flemish Painters – The Grimani Breviary

Enjoy this week's article regarding a masterpiece of Flemish Renaissance: the Grimani Breviary, illuminated by masters of the like of Alexander Bening and Simon Bening.