Valencia, Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu - Monasterio de San Miguel de los Reyes, Mss 130

Spectacula Lucretiana Facsimile Edition

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This model of codex shows the image of being able and Renaissance prestige of the kings, princes and Popes. 

Work of the Italian humanist Juan Cantalicio Baptist, also known like Giambattista Valentino, said of Cantalicio of the name of Cantalice, Italian city where he was born surroundings to year 1450. It composes for this occasion the beautiful poemario Spectacula Lucretiana, that contains but of fifty poems in Latin made up of the author to celebrate the esponsales of the favorite daughter of Alexander VI Lucrecia Borgia with Alfonso d'Este.

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "Spectacula Lucretiana": Spectacula Lucretiana facsimile edition, published by Scriptorium, 2010

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Spectacula Lucretiana

Valencia: Scriptorium, 2010

  • Commentary (Catalan) by Grau Codina, F.; Estellés González, J.M.; Pérez Durà, J.; Alcina Rovira, J.F.; Gimeno Blay, F.
  • Limited Edition: 290 pp.
  • This facsimile is complete (full-size color reproduction of the whole original document).

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