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Champollion's Notebook Facsimile Edition

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This is one of Champollion’s first notebooks where he collected the hieroglyphic inscriptions of tombs, mummies and stele. It consists of 84 pages, the first five written and drawn in ink and colour, and the rest in pencil on one side. 

The notebook measures 22 x 17cms and its binding consists of a parchment paper spine and painted paper covers. 

The notebooks were the basis for his work that culminated in the publication of the first Egyptian grammar: Precis du système des anciens hyérogliphique Égyptiens.

The pages of this notebook show the basic tools of the genius who was able to discover the key to a writing system forgotten for centuries and who, by his hard work and effort which eventually would cost him his life, gave voice to a culture and a civilization until then unspoken and silent.

Binding description

Painted paper covers.

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "Champollion's Notebook": Cuaderno de notas de J.F. Champollion facsimile edition, published by BiblioGemma, 2010

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Cuaderno de notas de J.F. Champollion

Barcelona: BiblioGemma, 2010

  • Commentary (Spanish) by Pérez-Accino, José Ramón; Ruiz, Elisa
  • Limited Edition: 995 copies
  • This facsimile is complete (full-size color reproduction of the whole original document).

Exact and faithful reproduction of the original volume.

Nothing about Champollion's notebooks has ever been published before.

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