Berlin, Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Cod. 78 D 3

Splendor Solis Facsimile Edition

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Produced in the sixteenth century, the treatise called Splendor Solis (The Splendor of the Sun) or Sonnenglantz, is written in German and describes the main steps of the philosopher’s stone, a legendary alchemical substance said to be able of turning metals such as lead in gold. This manuscript is remarkable for the alchemical illuminations it provides.

The work is illustrated by a series of 19 illuminations, which made this manuscript extremely influential in Medieval science. It was copied in several manuscripts and printed books from the middle of the sixteenth up to the eighteenth century.

Splendor Solis in Berlin: the Earliest Witness of the Treaty of Alchemy

The treatise of the Splendor Solis preserved in Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett, as Cod. 78 D 3, is the oldest example of an alchemistic treatise. The codex was probably made in the years 1532-35, as evidenced by two of its illuminations, which are dated 1532 and 1535, respectively.

For a long time the treatise has been attributed to the legendary Salomon Trismosin, apparently the teacher of Paracelsus. The name of Trismosin appeared in copies of the Splendor Solis later than the sixteenth century, period of production of the manuscript in Berlin.

The author of the treatise cannot be identified with certainty; however, the text is of major importance because it provides clues on the ideas circulating in sixteenth-century Europe about the alchemic processes of transformation of matters and their meanings.

The Illuminations of the Splendor Solis

The Splendor Solis in Berlin was probably produced in a workshop in Nuremberg, considering the style of the miniatures comparable to Nikolaus Glockendon’s miniatures. The illuminations are set in ornamental borders and niches, showing a layout traditionally found in Books of Hours.

The extraordinary decoration of the book represents astronomic images, with personifications of the planets, along with matters of alchemic contents. The rich iconographic display includes miniatures on the spiritualization of the bodies, the process of drying materials, and a series of flasks filled with alchemic symbols such as peacocks and dragons.

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "Splendor Solis": Splendor Solis facsimile edition, published by Coron Verlag, 2005

Splendor Solis

Lachen: Coron Verlag, 2005

  • Commentary (German) by Götz, Ursula
  • Limited Edition: 998
  • This facsimile is complete (full-size color reproduction of the whole original document).

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