Florence, Museo Nazionale di San Marco, MS 558

Beato Angelico's Missal Facsimile Edition

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The San Domenico Missal, conserved in the Museo di San Marco in Florence, stands out for its miniatures whose features have been investigated by Maria Paola Masini. She revealed several of the thousand secrets behind the illumination technique, from the precision of drawing to the brilliance of colors, from the fantasy of decoration to the splendor of gold, that still today, after so many centuries, communicates innumerable emotions to the eye.

The Art of a Marvellous Work

Embellished by a selection of splendid works by Beato Angelico and other painters of the Florentine milieu of the epoch.

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "Beato Angelico's Missal": Messale del Beato Angelico facsimile edition, published by Vallecchi, 2005

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Manuscript book description compiled by the publisher.
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Messale del Beato Angelico

Florence: Vallecchi, 2005

  • Commentary (Italian) by Scudieri, Magnolia; Ciardi Dupré Dal Poggetto, Maria G.; Giacomelli, Sara; Masini, Maria P.
  • Limited Edition: 600 copies
  • This is a partial facsimile of the original document, Beato Angelico's Missal: the facsimile might represent only a part, or doesn't attempt to replicate the format, or doesn't imitate the look-and-feel of the original document.

The facsimile, whose pages are represented on a larger white background, is fully colored. The edition features both facsimile and commentary in one volume: the commentary is interspersed within the facsimile pages.

Printed on special paper expressly produced by the Fedrigoni paper-mill of Verona, the volume presents a corpus of forty-four illuminated panels proposed in all their splendour, thanks to a modern printing technique that exalts their bright colors, while the use of gold tooling makes the edition even more valuable.

Published in collaboration with the Museo di San Marco.


The volume is hand-bound in leather and contained in an elegant box. The front cover bears a tooled geometric decoration and four corner studs with a double concentric rosette in fretted brass, fastened with a stud. The back is tooled, has four corner studs and a stud in the middle. The binding is inspired by that of manuscript 515 in the Museo di San Marco in Florence which, for typology and chronology, is closest to the original, given that the binding of today’s Missal in part dates to the XIX century and is therefore no longer the original.

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