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Aria "Alles mit Gott und nichts ohn' ihn" BWV 1127 Facsimile Edition

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In 2005, musicologist Michael Maul made a remarkable discovery in Weimar, Germany. While perusing the Herzogin Anna Amalia library, he stumbled upon an unknown sacred aria manuscript by Johann Sebastian Bach. This was the first new Bach vocal work to be found since 1935. Composed in 1713, the aria features twelve verses and is written for solo soprano, strings, and basso continuo. Its opening line is "Alles mit Gott und nichts ohn' ihn." The piece was created to celebrate the fifty-third birthday of Duke Wilhelm Ernst of Saxe-Weimar, who employed Bach as court organist from 1708 to 1717. The work is Bach's only contribution to the strophic aria genre.

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "Aria "Alles mit Gott und nichts ohn' ihn" BWV 1127": Aria "Alles mit Gott und Nichts ohn' ihn" facsimile edition, published by Bärenreiter-Verlag, 2005

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Manuscript book description compiled by the publisher.
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Aria "Alles mit Gott und Nichts ohn' ihn"

Kassel: Bärenreiter-Verlag, 2005

  • Commentary by Wolff, Christoph
  • This is a partial facsimile of the original document, Aria "Alles mit Gott und nichts ohn' ihn" BWV 1127: the facsimile might represent only a part, or doesn't attempt to replicate the format, or doesn't imitate the look-and-feel of the original document.

The facsimile edition is the complete reproduction of the whole original document, however, the pages are not trimmed according to the original.

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