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Ordenation and Ceremonial of the Coronation of the Monarchs of Aragón Facsimile Edition

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In 1344 Peter IV of Aragon, III of Barcelona, II of Valencia, I of Majorca, who was on the throne from 1338 to 1397, ordered the "Ordenaciones de su Casa y Corte" to be written, following the model of the "Palatine Laws" of James III of Majorca.

Completed in Valencia, the manuscript which covered the Ordinations and Ceremonial more than satisfied the king´s aims and three copies of the same were made in the vernacular tongue to be sent to ZARAGOZA; BARCELONA and VALENCIA, affirming the role of the crown in the creation of a modern state.

This was one of the richest in Europe and a reference for other monarchies.

The codex starts with the "Ordination of the Royal Household", which are structured on the base of the four main professions in the same: Mayordomo, Camarlengo, Canciller and Maestre racional(Head of staff, Chamberlaind, Kepper of the royal seal treasurer).

They included the tiniest details of the private life of the King and his household and court, as well as the court protocol. The introduction to the ceremonial is written in Romance.

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "Ordenation and Ceremonial of the Coronation of the Monarchs of Aragón": Ordenación y Ceremonial de la Coronación de los Reyes de Aragón facsimile edition, published by Scriptorium, 1994

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Ordenación y Ceremonial de la Coronación de los Reyes de Aragón

Valencia: Scriptorium, 1994

  • Commentary (Spanish) by Palacios Martín, B.
  • Limited Edition: 669 copies
  • This facsimile is complete (full-size color reproduction of the whole original document).

The facsimile volume found in the library archives of the Bartolomé March Foundation consists of 116 folios, written on both sides and of sizes of 36.8 x 26.8 cm. It is completed with a commentary volume of the same size bound in half leather, which contains:

I) The Phillips manuscript: (Raison d´etre of the manuscript; History of the Phillips manuscript)

II) The text:The Ordinations of the Royal Household and the Consecration of the Monarchs. (The King´s household and court; Consecration and Coronation of the King and Queen)

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