Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS fr. 166

Bible moralisée of the Limbourg brothers Facsimile Edition

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Along with the famous Très Riches Heures of the Duke of Berry, the Limbourg brothers produced other manuscripts. This remarkably decorated Bible Moralisée is a masterpiece that resulted from the collaboration of the Limbourg brothers and the Duke of Burgundy Philip the Bold, brother of Jean Duke of Berry.

Philip the Bold and the Artistic Talent of the Limbourg Brothers

In 1402, the Limbourg brothers entered the service of the Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Bold. A passionate patron of the arts, Philip the Bold discovered the talent of Herman, Paul and Jean de Limbourg. He asked the Limbourg brothers to make this highly illuminated Bible Moralisée.

The codex explains the moral meanings of Scripture by displaying the biblical events in juxtaposed scenes. Because of the extensive cycle of miniatures, this codex constitutes an ambitious attempt in the history of book illumination.

The Bible Moralisée of the Limbourg Brothers: The Remarkable Illuminations of a Picture Bible

The Bible is embellished with pairing miniatures displaying scenes of the Old and New Testaments. The Limbourg brothers produced an original layout for the Bible, decorating each scene with architectural and geometrical frames.

The illuminators painted luminous miniatures in which the pigments cover only part of the parchment, thus creating the effect of watercolors. Elegant painted drawings throughout the book provide the work with highly detailed, bright and colorful images.

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The manuscript is bound in red leather decorated with gold. The arms of the French kings are evidence of the presence of the manuscript in the Blois court library. During the reign of King Charles VIII the codex was added to the royal library. 

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "Bible moralisée of the Limbourg brothers": Biblia Moralizada De Los Hermanos Limbourg facsimile edition, published by Patrimonio Ediciones, 2010

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Biblia Moralizada De Los Hermanos Limbourg

Valencia: Patrimonio Ediciones, 2010

  • Commentary (English, German, Italian, Spanish) by König, Eberhard; Lowden, John
  • Limited Edition: 999 copies
  • This is a partial facsimile of the original document, Bible moralisée of the Limbourg brothers: the facsimile might represent only a part, or doesn't attempt to replicate the format, or doesn't imitate the look-and-feel of the original document.

This facsimile edition reproduces in full color and original size only the first 6 volumes of the original document. The facsimile is presented in a leather case.

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