Evan Gatti

Evan GattiEvan A. Gatti specializes in late 10th-and early 11th-century art commissioned by bishops in connection to and conflict with the Ottonian and Salian empires. She was the co-editor for Envisioning the Bishop: Images and the Episcopacy in the Middle Ages with Sigrid Danielson (Brepols, 2014) and is currently at work on several projects concerned with concepts of facsimile, re-presentation, and historiography with a particular focus on the rotolus featuring scenes from the Acts of the Apostles held in the Archivio Capitolare in Vercelli (Rotoli figurati 5). Gatti is a member and current president of EPISCOPUS: The Society for the Study of Bishops & the Secular Clergy in the Middle Ages and works closely with the Power of the Bishop Conference and with whom she will be a partner in publishing conference proceedings. Gatti served as the Associate Director of the Elon Core Curriculum from 2014-2019.