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Experts in Facsimiles

Experts in Facsimiles

We specialize in facsimiles, and we can help you source the editions you need: fresh from the publishers or in mint condition, you'll get what you want.

Independent Supplier

Independent Supplier

We are not publishers, nor antiquarian bookseller.
We don't have a stock that we need to sell. We source the best for you, at the best price, in your best interest.

A Free Database

A Free Database

A fully searchable database, built for you to search the editions you need. Free, now and forever.

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When I first met Giovanni I was impressed with his ability to partner with publishers to provide their usual full-size facsimiles at special prices for educational institutions. This approach would give universities access to teaching resources they could not otherwise afford. Over the years, Giovanni and his team have been true to their goal and offered a wide range of fine items, many now enriching the facsimile collection available to the medievalists at the University of Notre Dame. I especially remember the amazing deal he negotiated for the facsimile of the Coronation Gospels, which made it possible for our Medieval Institute scholars to study the content of that famous but almost inaccessible manuscript.

Marina Smyth
Dr. Marina Smyth
Librarian emerita
The Medieval Institute

University of Notre Dame

In 2014, we decided to appoint Facsimile Finder as our exclusive distributor for North America. Giovanni is truly passionate about his work, and the results entirely confirm his enthusiasm.

Katja Meinecke Maurer
Katja Meinecke-Meurer
Senior Vice President Publishing
Faksimile Verlag

Facsimile Finder saved us an enormous amount of research time in determining the best way to complete our set of facsimiles of Leonardo's notebooks.

Rare Book Librarian
University in Pennsylvania
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Having collaborated with Giovanni since the early days of Facsimile Finder, I have always been greatly impressed by the energy and enthusiasm he puts into his work. As a company, Facsimile Finder has a broad and deep knowledge of the medieval facsimiles it deals with but it is Giovanni's almost evangelical passion for his work that is key to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Michael Falter
Facsimile Editions Ltd

It's always easy and pleasant to do business with Giovanni Scorcioni and Facsimile Finder. Our most recent facsimile was stunningly beautiful (as always), carefully and securely packed and promptly shipped (as always).

Michael Wares
Michael Wares
Assistant Director for Technical Services
Fordham University Libraries

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