First Ever Video Series on Facsimile Editions

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s some fresh intel for you! From now on, Facsimile Finder will be featuring the “Take a Break from the Present” video series presenting its facsimile editions. This way you’ll get to leaf through your favorite facsimiles from the comfort of your own home.

Here at Facsimile Finder everyday we get to handle high quality replicas of beautiful illuminated manuscripts. Nothing beats the moment when a new facsimile enters the office ready to be unwrapped!

Giovanni loves leafing through the pages to discover miniatures and interesting features so we decided to share this stimulating experience with you.

You may think “Well, that’s what digital galleries are for!”, however, that is not exactly true, for, although digital galleries are certainly groundbreaking tools, they do lack a couple of features that we thought we could humbly cater for.

Digital galleries or facsimile editions? Both!

A case in point: Would you be able to tell the actual size of the Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux only by looking at its digital gallery? The high resolution zoom certainly allows us to see details to a higher degree than the naked eye, however, it is misleading when trying to figure out the format of the actual manuscript. 

Here is where Facsimile Finder plays a significant role! As you watch Giovanni’s hands go through the pages of the facsimiles, you’ll hopefully be able to get a sense of the physicality of the original manuscript and have an idea of what it would be like to leaf through a centuries-old relic.

These short videos will become a permanent feature of the product page of Facsimile Finder in addition to our lovely high resolution picture gallery. You will be able to virtually browse any facsimile you like, not too shabby!

Facsimile Finder Lands on Youtube!

But that’s not all! As a result of a constantly-growing gallery of videos Facsimile Finder has also launched its own Youtube channel where you can check out our weekly releases!

You will be introduced to this new amazing feature by a video starring Giovanni himself (we will not confirm or deny any rumors regarding the amount of takes involved in the making of this video – hint: a lot!). We put a lot of effort into this project so we really hope you will enjoy it!



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We look forward to seeing you on our channel!