Munich, Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv, Kaiserselekt 859

Ostarrichi Document Facsimile Edition

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Austria was celebrating a millennium in 1996. The earliest reference in writing to "Ostarrichi", an archaic form of the name by which Austria is known today, appeared one thousand years ago - in a document dated November 1st 996, to be precise. It is a gift Emperor Otto III at Gottschalk of Hagenau, the Bishop of Freising, noted that "one area in the region usually referred Ostarrichi" ("regione vulgari vocabulo Ostarrichi"), which makes the region around Neuhofen-upon-Ybbs was meant ("in loco Niuuanhova dicto"). In the Latin drafted Ostarrichi-document are four non-Latin words mentioned (Ostarrichi, Niuuanhova, hoba, zidalweidun), of which the other three clearly old Bavarian or Old High German. This suggests itself that the name Ostarrichi is of old-Bavarian origin. This does not necessarily imply that Austria only came into existence a mere 1000 years ago, nor does it mean that the term Ostarrichi was adopted overnight, as is were. On the contrary, it is more likely that it simply records for the first time in writing what had probably long since been a perfectly normal way of referring to the region south of the danube, namely as Ostarrichi. 

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