Turin, Archivio di Stato di Torino - Museo dell'Archivio di Corte, JB. II. 34

Offiziolo of Maria Antonietta of Savoia Facsimile Edition

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This refined codes seems to be made for a woman, as can be deduced by the accuracy with which the long hair of the female saints throughout the book is made. It was destined to Anna Sforza, who married Alfonso I d’Este in 1491. This precious manuscript was illuminated by Francesco Binasco, who worked in Milan, in the Sforza Court, between the end of the 15th Century and the beginning of the 16th.

The illumination, in warm and vibrant hues, is made according to the style of Bernardino Zenale; the architecture shows the use of the perspective, typical of the Renaissance, and is proof of the influence of Leonardo and Bramante, both in Milan at the end of the 15th Century. 

The miniatures also present traces of the paintings of the 14th Century, particularly of the Flemish art, as can be seen in the buildings with their late Gothic pinnacles. 

The splendor of the Visconti and Sforza Courts has given great elegance to the illumination of Milan; it has provided a taste of the beautiful and refined, and this can be easily seen in the courtliness of the figures.

Twelve pages contain full-pages miniatures, with images of Saints, while 146 have illuminated letters.

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "Offiziolo of Maria Antonietta of Savoia": Offiziolo di Maria Antonietta di Savoia facsimile edition, published by Imago

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