Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria, Ms. 250

De Viribus Quantitatis Facsimile Edition

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A collection of Medieval brain games

A manuscript drafted by the Renaissance mathematician and economist, Luca Pacioli, written in the vernacular, probably towards the end of the fifteenth century. This work, which begins with a learned description of algebraic and geometric principles complete with 98 illustrations, continues by offering an enjoyable series of mathematical and topological pastimes, card games and riddles which have lost none of their original, thoroughly enjoyable character, as they totally absorb the reader in the engaging pursuit of answers and solutions.

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "De Viribus Quantitatis": De Viribus Quantitatis facsimile edition, published by Aboca Museum, 2009

De Viribus Quantitatis

Sansepolcro: Aboca Museum, 2009

  • Commentary (English, Italian) by Honsell, F.; Bagni, G.T.
  • Limited Edition: not limited
  • This facsimile is complete (full-size color reproduction of the whole original document).
This facsimile is accompanied by an essay illustrating and commenting on the original work, entitled "Curiosità e divertimenti con i numeri": an analysis of the games and riddles contained in the work is given by Furio Honsell, former Rector of Udine University, and a mathematician and "historian of numbers" whose refined, witty commentary highlights the more unusual, unexpected and profane aspects of Pacioli's work.
Another experienced mathematician, Giorgio Bagni, offers a precise, systematic summary of the contents, and provides the reader with a series of clever keys to understanding the writer's original intentions.
This delightful product is specifically designed for libraries, historians, mathematicians, book-lovers and all those who adore games of logic and popular literature.


Bound paperback edition. Rigid cloth-covered paperboard cover.

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