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Caspar Vopelius: Map of The Rhine of 1555 Facsimile Edition

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This monumental chart is among the greatest and finest works of 16th-century cartography. It shows the entire course of the River Rhine and the adjacent regions in landscape format. Countless place names, different coats of arms and numerous explanatory notes make this map an item of unique documentary value. Names of important towns are given in German and Latin versions, together with the names of the tribes that colonised the Rhine valley in Roman times.

Forerunner of 150 years of cartography of the Rhine

Vopelius’ map of the Rhine was to determine the character of all subsequent maps of the Rhine valley and was used for surveying the area until, for political and military purposes, a new survey of the course was done in the 18th century.

We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript "Caspar Vopelius: Map of The Rhine of 1555": Vopelius, Rheinkarte Von 1555 facsimile edition, published by Mueller & Schindler, 1982

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