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Giovanni Scorcioni

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I'm Giovanni and I enjoy working with illuminated manuscript facsimiles. It’s a wonderful occupation that keeps me in constant contact with breathtaking masterpieces.

Facsimiles are one of the best way to experience illuminated manuscripts, as the originals are locked in the libraries' vaults.

Read my blog and subscribe to my monthly update: I’ll send you beautiful insights on medieval manuscripts and on the production of facsimiles, along with a wealth of stunning images for you to enjoy!

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What People Say

Giovanni's monthly update is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about facsimiles.

Although I have been a fan of illuminated manuscripts for many years now, each update offers some great new insights, that also cover many editions I already own.

I downloaded the eBook "Ten details to know before purchasing a facsimile" and I eagerly read it: it's informative and easy to read, and there are gorgeous photos that make new concepts accessible and simple to understand.

It's a must-read if you like medieval manuscript facsimiles!

Since I started following the Facsimile Finder blog I have learnt a lot about the fascinating world of facsimiles.

Giovanni and Giulia are super-helpful and always available to answer any questions you may have. They should definitely organize a workshop on facsimiles!

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