ICMS 2020 – Facsimile Finder Virtual Exhibits

Dear Friend,

It’s with a heavy heart that I compose this post – missing Kzoo is a hard hit for all of us, and I’m sure you feel the same.

Nevertheless, the good folks at the Medieval Institute are trying to keep us all connected, and I want to personally thank Jana, Liz, Marjorie, Therese, and all the staff in Kalamazoo for making this happen.

How to Stay in Touch

1. Schedule a Zoom/Skype/Phone meeting with Giovanni (opens email)

2. Download the PDF list of facsimiles that I planned to display in Kzoo

3. Contact Giovanni for a quote on the listed facsimiles

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Resources for Teaching Special Collections Remotely

Did you know that we have a video series on manuscript facsimiles? Check it out here!

You can use this for teaching Special Collections remotely, as Liz Teviotdale did just a couple of weeks ago.

I really look forward to meeting you in Kalamazoo at ICMS 2021. Meanwhile, stay safe and send news when possible!

Stay awesome,